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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Laura L. Scottsdale, AZ | 05-25-2016

“What a wonderful experience. They were so professional and friendly, one day later the job was done! I am so impressed with the level of service, thank you so much! I will highly recommend Honest Maids.”

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We are flexible and work with all budgets and needs.

“OMG! Thank you! I love coming to a clean scent!” Jean Peoria | 04-16-2016

Don’t pay for hourly services, instead try our super affordable flat fee approach.


To schedule a green eco-friendly house cleaning service simply call 602-500-2285 or request a quote from us and we will get you scheduled right away. We offer a personalized approach to best suit your needs and specifications and we never charge for natural products or pets.  Give us a try! You are 1 call away.

We Clean

Up to 4 cleaners per team with all the right supplies and tools will clean top to bottom and left to right giving your home a fresh start with each visit; we have our own procedures and green cleaning formulas that cleans items you or other companies cannot. We will stay there until the job is done! NON HOURLY.

You Enjoy

Once our Bonded & Insured cleaning team is done and you approve we will leave you to enjoy the nice natural scent of a clean home plus the joy of having saved time and money with us. We also provide routine services, move in and move outs, and post construction or emergencies. When you hire Honest Maids you are hiring a group of parents who are invested in what we do, we are dedicated and looking forward to build long lasting relationships.

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or Give Us A Call:  602-500-2285.

Highly Trusted Green Natural Cleaning In Phoenix and Surrounding Areas.


If you have young children and pets you will love that we don’t charge extra for green and naturally derived cleaning solutions and never charge extra for pets. We are a family owned and operated business and have children and pets of our own, we know this is something to be celebrated not punished for with additional charges.We use naturally derived and safe for the environment products proven to work job after job. Our practices are safe for baby safe for you.

Full Time Expertly Trained Cleaners
Items Cleaned During A Typical Visit
Satisfaction Rate
Hours Cleaning

Here Are Some Main Features, We Do Plenty More

  • Lobby Desk Appearances

  • Desktop Spot Checking

  • Monthly refrigerator cleaning

  • Toaster /Microwave cleaned

  • Outlets/Faucet/Handles Sanitized/Polished

  • Lighting & Fixtures Dusted/Wiped

  • All Baseboards & Wood Trimming Wiped

  • Window Sills Dusted

  • Window Blinds Wiped/Dusted

  • Waste Receptacles Emptied

  • Decorative Items Dusted/Cleaned

  • Complete Wall Spot Checking

  • Carpeting Vacuumed

  • Stairs And Halls Vacuumed/Cleaned

  • All Mirrors/Glass Polished

  • Doors & Frames Cleaned

  • Under Work Stations Sweeping/Mopping

  • Medical workstations sanitized

  • Tailored Scheduling

  • Bathroom Floor Scrub/Sanitized

  • 360° Toilet Sanitizing

  • Shower Scum Removal

  • On-Demand Cleaning

  • Shower Floor/Walls Cleaned

  • Home Office Maintenance

  • Private Office Maintenance

  • Much Much More…

  • Give Us A Call 602-500-2285

200% Satisfaction Guarantee


I don’t have regular cleaning service so 4 times a year would be a real treat for me. I have had a service once in a while and it usually costs a lot because it’s with a different company and they have a startup cleaning requirement. This was the same with Honest Maids but with the discounts they offered, the initial cleaning wasn’t too expensive. I was very impressed with their initial “deep clean” service – 2 days later I am still finding little touches that surprise me. It started with a noticeably clean door on my way IN from my garage, those little fingerprints that have been there for a while were GONE, the kitchen was spotless (including microwave and stovetop), then my teenager’s bathroom was so clean that my teenager himself commented how clean it was, and then I noticed how they really cleaned up the laundry room (no more dust bunnies in crevices). Their price was competitive to other rates I’ve had in the past but I do feel that they put in more labor than we’ve experienced. I will definitely have them come more frequently and recommended them on my personal Facebook because I know it really is difficult to find a cleaning company that really does a great job AND you can trust them
Mai Ling, Yelp Review
I set my appointment online.

The service is friendly and great. The price was on point with other services I used in the past. I did it as a 1 time cleaning service, but I might move it to monthly.
I recommend the service to anyone.

Eric P., Yelp Review
Highly recommended! If you’re looking for a housecleaning service, you don’t need to look any further because this is the 1 you should use! Got me in the same week I inquired as well.
I’ll be signing up for recurring service with Honest Maids. Had my initial deep clean today for my large house (which I admittedly neglected for some time) and came home to an extremely clean home. Love that you can customize service and it’s charged by basically house size & not hours.

Not sure how long it took (again, a fixed price), but they didn’t just do a normal surface clean, they did all the detailed cleaning often overlooked (blinds & window sills, ceiling fans, all door knobs and light switches, etc.) Plus of course bathrooms & lurched cleaned, mopping & vacuuming, including the stairs, and they even wiped down my furniture.
Check out their website to see what all they do.

Shawn B., Yelp Review
INcredible service! I’m so glad I decided to cancel my appointment with Molly Maids and try this company out. I was a little nervous about the switch because there wasn’t many reviews to go off of, but after speaking to Diana on the phone I was sold. Diana is professional, knowledgable and super sweet 🙂
I decided to give Honest maids a try because I wasn’t happy with the cleaning (or lack thereof) I was receiving from Molly Maids. There are a few things that never seemed to get any attention with MM, like the baseboards, walls, and cupboard surfaces. In contrast, Honest Maids cleaned every nook and cranny with great detail, going above and beyond and I could not be more happy!
I felt bad because it’s been a while since I’ve done a deep clean and Diana and Charisse ended up spending a good 4.5 hrs here, well over what they thought it would take, but they were extremely kind and forgiving.
Thank you ladies for leaving me with a super clean and happy home 🙂 I will definitely be signing up for recurring services.
Jillian H., Yelp Review

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We have invested a lot into our products, processes, and employees to offer you the best green eco-friendly house cleaning service in the valley. We are also on continuously contributing and giving back to our community aiming to be more accessible and transparent in all that we do. We’re here for you, always.

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